Visitation activity in Newtown area, June 27, 2016

We resumed our visits in the Newtown area after two weeks because of the previous Monday holiday. We were off to a slow start, but with a prayer in our hearts we continued. Lo and behold people started chatting with us and we were kept very busy well after 6.00pm.  We missed some of our regulars and hope that they will rejoin us next Monday. Please note all are welcomed to visit with us,



  1. Caryl Hinkson.

    What a great idea Robert. This brings it ‘home’ to us in a very personal way, and we may even recognize some of these folk, and are able to welcome them, when next they visit.

  2. Vernetta Calvin-Smith

    It’s great to know that some like yourself are constant in this good work. The feedback from today’s Home Visits seems very positive and encouraging.
    I couldn’t join you today as I had a lengthy doctor’s appointment this afternoon. But next week beckons excitedly when I look forward to setting out with the group again.

  3. Valerie West

    Your Mothers’ Union page is much appreciated by all in the MU.. Although it belongs to the All Saints branch , it speaks generally of all of us.
    Thank you.
    Valerie West.

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