Gordon Home

The Gordon Home

Gordon Home

The Gordon Home, a gift from one of the Church’s most generous benefactors,
opened in 1921.  William Gordon was an executive of Gordon Grant & Co and he
created a trust known as the Gordon Charities which maintained the Home.  The
intention was to assist the middle-class and circumstantially destitute ladies of the
All Saints parish; it was felt that the very poor were adequately assisted by the
private community and the Government.  In 1975 the Home was renovated and the
new Home was formally opened on 8th October 1989.

A Management Committee, comprising a Chairman and 5 parishioners and
accountable to the Vestry, administers the Home.  Elton Knight was its first
chairman and Caryl Hinkson now chairs the Committee.  A matron, who looks after
the day-to-day running of the home together with 15 trained caregivers
complements the Administration.

The New Gordon Home accommodates 24 persons, both male and female, in
single and shared rooms.  The East wing is reserved for the Matron and there is
still a small flat to accommodate retired clergy or their widows who are in need of

For further information, please contact All Saints’ Gordon Home at 628-4670
Woodford Street, Port of Spain.